Souza, Obama: An Intimate Portrait

Pete Souza was on Morning Joe discussing his new book of photographs of Barack Obama, Obama: An Intimate Portrait.  The books contains three hundred photos taken during the president’s two terms.

cover Obama An Intimate Portrait

Souza, a former Chicago Tribune photographer, served as White House Photographer for all eight years Obama’s presidency.  As terms for taking the position, he received unfettered access to the president.  As Souza puts it,

That  was a condition for the job.  To truly document the president for history you really need to be in everything.  so I asked for the access, and I think he trusted me enough to allow me to be in essentially every meeting that he ever had.

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Lee Freidlander, The American Monument

Geoff Dyer has an article in the On Photography section of the New York Times Magazine called “The Photographer Who Saw America’s Monuments Hiding in Plain Site.”  The article is about the republication of Lee Friedlander’s classic book The American Monument.

New York TImes Magazine logo - American Monument

The American Monument republication comes at an interesting time in the middle of the whole “take them down” movement happening with various monuments around the country.  In fact, one of the monuments in the book, now has the notation “Brigadier General Albert Pike.  Washington D.C. Now removed.”  A researcher for the publisher has identified an additional 10 or 11 monuments that according to Dyer, “are, depending on your point of view, either endangered or static fugitives from historical justice.”

The article is here:

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Portrait of a Presidency: Pete Souza’s Photography of the Obama Years

Pete Souza spoke at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  The presidential photography of Pete Souza spans the last six years of Ronald Reagan’s presidency and all of the Obama Years.  He speaks of his work during both presidencies, though his main focus is his time with Obama, and his forthcoming book on Obama’s Presidency.

Harvard Kennedy School logo Obama Years

Sousa was a photographer for the Chicago Tribune when he met Barack Obama.  He covered Obama’s first year as a United States Senator for the Tribune.  After his election, Obama asked Souza to become his White House photographer.  The lecture provides some interesting insights to many of the photographs we all have seen of Obama, as well as introducing some not yet seem images.

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History of Photography At The Historian’s Eye Network Has Launched

The Historian’s Eye Network (THEN) is excited to announce the launch of its newest website and blog.  History of Photography @ the Historian’s Eye went live today.

History of Photography logo

History of Photography is broadly focused on the all aspects of the history of the art and the science of photography.  In the near future, a History of Photography video podcast series will also be rolled out as well.

See the Historian’s Eye website for more information about the Historian’s Eye Network.  All of the Historian’s Eye Network sites are part of the 501(c)3 educational nonprofit the Mystic Chords of Memory Project.  For more information on the Mystic Chords of Memory Project see Who We Are or our Purpose Statement.

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Former Fashion Photographer Finds Beauty in Nature

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Jay Shefsky at WTTW in Chicago recently presented a piece on Chicago Tonight about Owen Deutsch, a former fashion photographer who no photographs birds.  WTTW no longer supports embedded video, so here is the link:

The print story is here as well as a number of Deutsch’s photographs: